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By Janna Lafrance


When Grace’s perfectly constructed life is shattered by unthinkable tragedy, she is forced to revisit her past and the secret world she had convinced herself was a fairy tale—a world where angels appear on rooftops and the Jewish man named Jesus meets with her and leads her on a path to healing and intimacy with her Creator.

At first, Grace thinks she is experiencing hallucinations or possible episodes of psychosis brought on by the trauma of recent events, however as time progresses, she starts to realize that these beings she is encountering are more real than she could possibly imagine. As the mysteries of the supernatural realm begin to unfold around her, she gains the courage to journey into dark memories that she had spent nearly a lifetime trying to forget, and is finally able to embrace hope for a future she had never thought possible.


“Grace finds herself in the mind-numbing despair of an unfolding tragedy, only to discover that help comes in the most unlikely way. A Girl Named Grace is a compelling story of personal transformation in the midst of incredible pain. As Grace sorts out her story, you may just find yourself sorting through your own.”

- Wayne Jacobsen, He Loves Me: Learning to Live in the Father’s Affection

“This is one of the very few novels that have captured my heart and brought tears to my eyes. Each page unveils a love story that lured me far beyond the shallows of romance into the depth of the Father’s heart. The timeless theme skillfully weaves itself around an engrossing plot like poetry on a mission to shatter false illusions and reveal true identity.”

- David Fredrickson, When the Church Leaves the Building and Church Outside the Walls

“Janna is a very poetic writer and the way she danced her words was beautiful and very breath-taking. At moments I needed to pause and just reread the beautiful twist her words had.”

-Tammy M., Goodreads

“I loved the style and voice of Janna’s writing. I was drawn into Grace’s story from the very beginning, and felt her pain and triumphs right along with her. There were moments that my heart squeezed in my chest, and moments when tears fell of their own accord, but I was left with a happy heart and a greater understanding of God’s love.”

– BJ, Goodreads

“To me this book is a love story, not in the traditional sense, but a love story between God and Grace. But it also shows his love for everyone – all of us.”

– Shari, Amazon

“This Novel, authenticity lured me into a world of imagination, heartbreak and triumphant love. Janna paints a vivid portal of a women who has come undone. Grace the main character is lost in a sea of her own undoing, and is trying to place the pieces of her shattered life together. As we learn more about the circumstances of her loss, we also get to start a journey of surrender with her.”

– A Touch of Grace, Amazon

“The main character of this book is a girl who’s name is Grace (very obvious:) ). She is going through drama in her life and finding God in the middle of the storm of her emotions. This book bring’s you deep deep down in the middle of her pain and lift’s you up to the new understanding of the word LOVE, to the peace in your soul and realization of how deeply you are loved. Through reading this book I was crying and smiling, then crying and crying and smiling again, it was a very emotional experience for me.”

-Vera M. , Goodreads

“What an uplifting book which demonstrates God’s deep love for each one of us.”

– Brent S., Goodreads