About Janna

Janna LafranceJanna is an author and musician from a cottage town in Ontario, Canada. She started writing stories, lyrics, and poetry as soon as she could hold a crayon and has been loving it ever since. Her passion is to create stories about people going through real struggles and discovering strength and healing in sometimes unfamiliar and unexpected ways.

Her debut novel, A Girl Named Grace, is in many ways a reflection of her own journey with God, and one in which she has found herself discovering more and more how deeply she is loved by Him. Her second novel, Warrior, is the first of an inspirational dystopian series called The Remnant Chronicles.

Aside from writing novels and blogging, she and her husband also write music, run a custom design company, and are raising their four daughters in southern Ontario.

Janna is a pure-bred Canadian.  Which means, when you ask her where she’s from, you will normally hear a list of ancestral ties, such as, “Mainly Scotland, although some of my family may have come from England. We have a castle in Scotland, you know.”

Never-mind that the aforementioned castle is in ruins. In fact, the last family member to visit said castle was escorted to an unkempt pile of rocks. Some believe this was a practical joke of sorts.  Janna does not.

Mothering, wifing, entrepreneuring, and writing have proven to be more challenging than she ever dreamed . . . and also packed full of inspiration and reward at nearly every turn. For Janna, her relationship with Father, Son, and Holy Spirit has not only been an anchor but the most central and empowering force in life. Learning how to live in each moment, in His present presence, has been a life-lesson that she expects will go on for many years to come.