You know where the apostle Paul talks about believers being like the fragrance of Christ, everywhere we go (among those who are being saved and those who are perishing alike?) I was thinking of those loved ones we have who leave a certain aroma whenever they pass through a room. Both my mom and Paul’s mom have a specific perfume that they always wear. You can tell if they’ve been around because the fragrance lingers for a while. And you can certainly remember if they’ve hugged you recently because your t-shirt will hold on to the scent, even into the following day!

Sometimes that reminder can bring a smile to your face, even if your mind was on less pleasing things at the time.


Can you imagine the Father looking down on a place where you have been, and taking in a long, deep breath through His nostrils? He keeps His eyes closed for just a moment and savours the fragrance of it. You remind Him of His Son. Imagine the love and adoration He has for Him. And then imagine that He has that same affection for you. Because He does…

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