I enjoyed reading a word from Bill & Marsha Burns this morning. ( Specifically I felt the word from Bill came with deep insight into the call of the watchmen. I loved when Bill says,

“Watchmen, what of the night? Not only declare what you see in the darkness, but declare that the morning also comes with the glorious light of the Morning Star to lead, guide and show you the way.”

I loved the emphasis on the call of the watchman to see and DECLARE what he sees. This to me is in line with the true purpose of the gifts we have received from God. Isn’t it true that the gifts and calling we have received from Father are to be used for the building up of the Church? The watchman opens his EYES and sees what transpires in the darkness so that he can bring that reality into the view of the Church and inspire her to rise up in the spirit and live intentionally and not needlessly under the oppression that she oftentimes cannot even see!

And the watchman reminds her of the coming morning. He declares HOPE and REMEMBRANCE of the faithfulness of our God.

To me, these are all things which are released into and over the church, with no strings attached. So often I would take ownership over the things that God had shown me and would take it personally if people would not receive them or take them seriously. The watchman doesn’t have time for this! There is too much going on and too many distractions. He calls out what he sees and makes declaration of the truth of Who God is. This is all an invitation for the Church to rise up. Certainly the enemy is on the move AND SO IS THE KING OF KINGS. This war rages whether we are aware of it or not and whether we mount our horses or not. The watchman sounds the alarm and declares the unseen realm to all who have ears to hear!

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