Here’s a thought. What if having our emotions validated isn’t His main concern? Do I believe our Father loves us and aches when we are hurting? Why, yes, I do. Does He rage at the enemy of our souls? Absolutely. But what if all these feelings and perspectives and opinions that no one else understands are actually existing only in a carnal reality that really only holds us back from the Kingdom reality that we are invited to live in every single day?

We can hold out for miracles, yes. Why not just abandon those too? We can keep praying for reconciled relationships and righted wrongs. But could there be a more excellent Way? What if we were transformed truly into the image of His likeness? What if we became so enraptured by Him and His purposes that the things of earth truly became strangely dim?

I wonder if we could ask Him to simply help us to “set aside” these encumbrances so that we could move forward in a manner worthy of the calling with which we have been called, as true Spirit-beings, communing with Him, worshiping Him with our every breath, shedding His light and His water on a lost and dying world.


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