So the Israelites wanted a golden calf. They wanted what all the other people had ~ something tangible to worship. And yet they had the “pillar of cloud by day and the pillar of fire by night” ~ the presence of God being manifested so they could know He was with them. But it wasn’t enough. Because he wasn’t doing it their way. And He wasn’t giving them the things that other people with other religions had.

Sound familiar? God, give me something tangible here. I need money in my bank account. I need my debt paid off. I need a better house, a better car, a better job. I need better friends, a better church, a better program. I need a better spouse, more recognition, more validation. I need health. I need . . . a golden calf. Something I can touch. Something that will glisten in the sun.

We want Him to come down to our level and manifest Himself in our carnal world in the flesh. Guess what, He already did. He came to our level and manifested Himself in the body of a man. He performed miracles. He fed thousands. And He died alone.

Why? Because He didn’t do things our way ~ and He still doesn’t. And we don’t like it. We never have.

Now He invites US ~ the same way He invited the Israelites of old to come up the mountain and behold Him ~ He invites us, “Come up here, my beloved.” He invites us to rise above our circumstances and our pain and our delusions ~ to see with His eyes. To hear with His ears. To live a life that transcends our carnal reality and enables us to fly.

Let’s stop asking Father to do things our way.
Let’s say yes to the invitation and let Him do the rest.
It might hurt ~ it will hurt ~ but, oh! It will be worth it.


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