I believe built into the heart of every man is the desire to fight.  To fight for justice, to fight for victory.  To protect the helpless, and to win the beauty.  No matter how damaged his heart might be, or how deeply the lie has been rooted that tells him he is no warrior at all, a warrior he is and always will be.

How does our enemy divert the warrior then?  For certain, he works hard to convince us we are not as glorious as we once suspected.  And what other trick does he play?  How does he keep us from inflicting the kind of damage that cripples his forces and takes back the ground that was never meant to be overrun by darkness?

Perhaps simply by providing the opportunity for a counterfeit victory?  Is it possible that a spirit warrior could become so entranced by his virtual game, so devoted to his winning sports team, so wrapped up in a player who actually defeats no one of consequence in the spirit world ~ is it possible that his God-given drive to defeat the true enemy of our souls, is satiated by victory that is only a mere shadow . . . a reflection . . . a diversion?

What if it is a trance?  A socially cultivated, acceptable, and perpetuated trance?  What if there is a darker force behind it all?  An enemy who sees your value ~ your potential ~ your threat?  The glory you once suspected might be hiding inside your skin and bones might actually be even stronger and larger and of more consequence than you ever thought possible. . .

A great awakening is coming . . . be among those who hear the call.  It’s time to fight a battle that will mean something.  A battle of epic proportions.  A battle that will make you come more alive than you could ever dream.

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