Did you ever notice that everything God has created is always moving?  I was just thinking that this morning.  If you want to take a photograph with an insanely slow shutter speed, and you want the background image not to change, that background image will probably have to be man-made. I suppose you could go to the Grand Canyon and hope for no plant or animal life – because the Grand Canyon’s movements for the most part take even longer than your insanely slow shutter speed – but I think I’ve made my point 😉

I like as many things to be stationary as possible.  That way everything’s predictable and under my control. Funny.  God moves.  I hold on to the nearest swaying tree.

Interestingly enough, I think I enjoy life better when I let go of control.  For those brief moments, it’s as though I’ve jumped from my proverbial cliff and I’m free-falling into clear blue water.  My heart picks up its pace, my lungs take in more air (once I start breathing again), and I start to see what it’s like to truly be the divine creature that I am.  That we all are.


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