All over the world, little girls are sold into sex slavery and forced to have sex repeatedly for years, starting at ages as young as four years old. They are gang-raped, beaten, used, abused, drugged, demoralized, degraded, soiled, used, and abandoned.

We buy our daughters Barbie dolls and airbrush our models and idolize anorexic anesthetized remnants of what used to be the promise of something so much more. We embrace the idea of parading our daughters naked for all the world to see, claiming we are modern, when all the while, we are pimping them, abusing them, exploiting, demoralizing, degrading, soiling, using and abandoning them.

It is time for the warriors to arise and open our eyes and see the beauty longing to be rescued right before our eyes. When will she cease to be the god of sensuality and pleasure promising to satiate the abyss within our own souls? When will the mind-altering, mind-numbing, emasculating, self-serving veil be lifted?

The girl-child takes mind altering drugs to somehow protect her conscious self from the horror of being displayed, used and abused by the pedophile, the tourist, the camera man, the media, the audience, the masses of people under the same dark cloud that keeps them from seeing the truth.

There is a Man who rises with the roar of the lion in His chest and the fury of a thousand fathers in His eyes. To ride with Him, it will take much more than mental fortitude or theological certainty. It will take a visit into His throneroom, a snapshot through His eyes, a revelation of supernatural proportions. Do you dare take the risk? Do you dare ask Him to show you what He sees?

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