Once there was a day when I lost everything else

The day my life-raft drifted away
And left me drowning
What I thought was certain
Became a shadow
The secret princess stopped her dancing
I lost my grip
Interlocking fingers fell apart
And there I was alone
Days turned into months
And I sit and watch an old friend talk
about remaining true to his heart
No matter what the cost
And I realize this is not what I want
What I want is Him
He burned a cross into my heart
Years ago
And I don’t want what I want
I want what He wants
I want Him
Because I was not made a whole
I was made a part
And I only fit Him
Every other piece torn away
Left His place open
My broken heart exposed His resting place
And now the secret dancer rises
Only it’s not as much a secret anymore
The sound rises
Her arms lift
The light strengthens
And she realizes she doesn’t need her life-raft
An eternal spirit touches
the fingertips of God
The earth trembles
And even as the pain intensifies
The brokenness reveals a greater glory
A magnificent surrendered beauty
That will not die


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