I read an interesting article today that I thought I’d share with y’all. The Father has been bringing me through this revelation of living in the truth and not in the lies, which obviously is something that we realize more and more deeply as we live and grow with Him. I thought I understood this years ago! (LOL)


The truth is, I want to live in the lies sometimes, because I am afraid they are true and if I don’t stay swimming in them and contemplating them and analyzing them, I will get caught of guard one day and find out they were all true. But my Jesus is inviting me to live in a different reality. A reality where my emotions might not all be validated or discussed. A reality where I won’t be the centre of the universe. A reality that transcends fear and timelines and hopes and dreams. There are two different kingdoms that you can’t live in at the same time ~ and this insight from Kathie Walters (see link below) I think touches on one of the primary differences between those kingdoms.
Bless you . . . and as our friend Gary would say, we remain . . . IN HIS GRIP.
Love, Janna

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