We have all thought of these two ~ faith and fear ~ as being opposites. And yet I believe the opposite of fear is actually love. Try this out. The next time you feel afraid (which, chances are, will be fairly soon, given that this weapon is so effective!) ask the Father to reveal His love for you in that place. Knowing a touch of His immeasurable love for us enables us to rise above every and any circumstance. It empowers us to see from His perspective, as beloved sons, safe, high, and strong.

Fear is not the opposite of faith ~ it is faith. Faith in what you can or can’t do, faith in what the enemy will do, faith in what the world will do. The faith that lives inside of us is powerful. When it is focussed on our Faithful God, it releases us into deeper relationship with Him and from the snares that have held us captive all these years.

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