Are you afraid to imagine that God really is that good?  Have you caught a glimpse of the reality that all your hopes and dreams are captured with one look at His face?  Do you know that He is not a “He”?  That the Creator is not just male or just female.  God is the “I am”.  He is everything.  We see glimpses of Him when we see a valiant soldier rush the battle field in defense of innocence and justice.  We see glimpses of Him when we see a father dig his shovel into the ground for the millionth time, sacrificing to provide food and shelter for his family.   We see the warrior, the prince, the saviour.

We also see God when we see dance ~ we hear Him move through tones and beats and heartfelt lyrics.  And yes, we see God when we catch a glimpse of a three-year-old turning circles in the middle of the room, or when we see a stunningly beautiful woman walk gracefully with her bare feet, breaking gentle waves on a shoreline. And we see God when she grasps the side of a hospital bed and wails as she gives birth to a beloved child.

Because we were all made in God’s image.

If you are married, you may know that your spouse has the opportunity to funnel God’s love for you in a tangible way.  And you will most certainly know that he or she will fail miserably from time to time.  This does not change God’s love, intentions, or intimate presence in your life.

Is there a chance that I can have every need met by God?  Is there a chance that you can?  Can God be the rescuer?  Can He be the comforter?  The best friend?  The lover?  The nurturer?

From the beginning of time, Satan has offered up counterfeits to the real thing.  The trouble with counterfeits is that, they are not only disappointing and “not as good” as the real thing, they are actually completely worthless.  They offer nothing but the promise of something that will never materialize.

How many of us have experienced this in life?  Always hanging on to this hope that the spouse or the friend or the job or the idea will pan out?  It will never pan out.  Because we were not made to be filled or fulfilled by anything but Him.

Look around you and consider your disappointment in life.  Consider how others have failed you.  Your husband didn’t protect you.  Your wife didn’t nurture you.  Can you squint your eyes just a little and see?  Can you see Him come riding into the battlefield of your life, sword in hand, swinging wildly at all the idols you have set up that have done nothing but keep you from the joy that He has for you?  If you will let Him, He will free you.  The sound of the broken stone hitting the ground may be more than slightly daunting.  But it will be worth it.

Are you afraid that you are letting your imagination run too free?  Afraid you are hoping for too much from Him?  That maybe God can’t be everything you need or desire?  Afraid He couldn’t possibly fill that gaping hole in your chest?

Rest assured, He can, and then some.  He is able to far exceed anything you could ever hope for or even imagine.  Even the apostle Paul thought so (if you want, you can read it in His letter to the Ephesians.)  So dream away.  Dream that the Creator is closer than your skin, more enamored with you than Romeo and Juliet.  Dream that God is the most beautiful, most all-encompassing, most fulfilling being in all of creation.  Don’t be afraid to imagine too wildly because you can’t.  Every hope and dream in your heart is, and always has been, a cry for Him.


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