Howl at the moon
Peer out through your fingers at the chaos and the misery and demand justice
Shout at the stars
Scream at the brilliant crimson sky
Cast the thought of a long-awaited newborn child from your memory in favour of the atrocities mankind has committed

There must be someone to blame
And it cannot be me
It must be the Deity
Because I, by my learned years and intellectual prowess, have poured through dusty books and have come to my conclusion.
Because I understand all there is to know.
I have suffocated the voice of eternal longing
Because I am god
Whomever I once thought I trusted is now condemned
No, I am not an atheist
I am a believer
And I hate the one in whom I believe.

Scream at the storm, Lieutenant Dan
Shake your fists at the thunder
For surely this will right the wrongs in the world
Surely this will deal the final blow to that insufferable aching in your soul.

But then comes that starry night
When the Author enters our astute reality to show us who He really was all along.
Are you brave enough to look at Him?
Do you have the fortitude to compare His character to the god you have been taught to fear? To hate?
Can you look at His life, listen to His words?
How vengeful was He?
If He was and is the fullness of all that God is, could it be that He has been misrepresented, that His character and His words have been twisted to form a false god?
A god who scares us into serving him?
Could it be that this immutable love for all mankind that you seek does not exist outside of Him

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